This past November was history making for women in politics, with more women winning office seats than ever before. Today, women hold 18.3% of the 535 seats in the U.S. Congress, 20% of the 100 seats in the Senate and 17.9% or 78 seats in the House of Representatives. And although this was groundbreaking news, and is a good indication that women are finally making inroads to political power, what it really means is that when it comes to making decisions that affect us all, women’s voices are still not being equally heard.

There are many reasons as to why women are still a long way from achieving gender parity when it comes to the political playing field, but the most significant one is that women just do not want to run.

So, how can we get more women to participate? The new documentary film, Raising Ms. President, directed by Kiley Lane Parker, is about raising the next generation of female political leaders, and explores the issues as to why women aren’t putting themselves out there and how we can change that.

“The United States ranks right in the middle of the number of women we have making important political decisions. We are behind nations we have criticized as being anti-women’s rights. Some states have never had a female governor nor sent a woman to congress. The next ten years are crucial for an American comeback. Women, and more importantly those about to become women, might be the answer to so many of our nation’s problems and we need to give them a fighting chance. We need to let them know that we believe in their abilities to lead,” Kiley explains

Raising Ms. President will be premiering this July in Washington, DC and Louisville, KY., and throughout the country later in the year. To find or host a screening near you, click here.