Based on huge ratings numbers and mass fan hysteria (even among people we know who have never spoken a single word about soccer, but have nonetheless been glued to their TVs this week), it seems no other sporting event captures the world’s imagination like the FIFA World Cup™.

With an accumulated audience of over 37 billion people, and innumerable fan pictures being pumped out on social media, the World Cup has us under its spell with people showing their love for the games in so many colorful ways.

Take Rita Pinto of Vanity Projects, a super cool nail art salon in New York City that specializes in innovatively designed manicures. She’s rocking these hand painted FIFA World Cup™ flags on her nails to show her WC fever. Imagine if she had had the Ghana flag included in these 10, yesterday’s US 2-1 win would have been a REAL nail biter.

Speaking of, that game goes down as the highest-rated men’s soccer match ever on ESPN, coming in at 11.093 million viewers. However, that impressive record breaker still does not beat this MORE impressive stat… ESPN’s 2011 Japan-US WOMEN’s World Cup final had 13.46 million viewers!