Real Women, Real Bodies (RWRB) has one vision in mind: to help women feel beautiful inside and out. Founded this past spring by University of Wyoming students Sydney Stein, Hannah King, and Morgan Looney, the organization’s mission is “to promote healthy body image in women through ad campaigns and guest speakers on campus.”

The group’s first campaign is this series of black and white photographs featuring the silhouettes of nude women’s bodies, with no retouching. “There is no Photoshop on these women besides shading and contrasting to hide the identities of the models. Our brave volunteers shed it all to show that any real body type is absolutely beautiful,” Sydney Stein, RWRB Club President, told WYSK. “We as an organization work to promote positive self-image in women, reminding them that nothing needs to be nipped or tucked to feel or look beautiful.”

We asked Sydney to explain their use of the phrase “Real Women,” because for us, there are so many ways for women to be, and all of them are “real.”

“The idea behind the name is to encourage women. Real does not imply that some bodies are fake. To us, it’s a word of empowerment. In no way do we intend to imply that any person is any more or less real than another. Our intent is to encourage everyone to be confident in their bodies. Hopefully this confidence will transfer into our future photos. We are gaining a more diverse population as our organization expands and are currently reaching out to a wider variety of people of all genders, abilities, race, and body types. Our hope is to include anyone and everyone in our future photo series. For now, we are all real women, with real bodies.”

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All photos © Real Women, Real Bodies. Published here with permission.