On July 27th, U.S. Representative Maxine Waters (D-California) made it crystal clear that she was not going to tolerate any of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s time-wasting BS during his testimony before the House Financial Services Committee regarding the Trump-Russia investigation. When Waters asked him point-blank about an unanswered letter she sent him, he willfully danced around the subject one too many times. In an attempt to get the questioning back on track, the Congresswoman repeatedly stated the procedural phrase, “Reclaiming my time”. Her three word declaration took social media and meme-makers by storm and has now inspired this one-man, Acapella-style Gospel anthem.

Of the soulful song, Mykal Kilgore wrote on his YouTube page, “Our beloved ‘Auntie’ Maxine Waters laid this sermon down so good that I had to sing about it! Whenever anybody tries to distract me or block me (even with praise or platitudes) I’m gonna have to let them know that I’m #ReclaimingMyTime!”

Watch Maxine Waters in “Reclaiming my time” action as she questions Treasury Secretary Mnuchin here…