Reconciliación. When we first saw this illustration it stopped us in our tracks. It’s so simple, but packs such an emotional punch. While the piece speaks for itself, we still wanted to know more. So we went searching for information, and ended up doubly inspired.

It’s the work of Marcos Severi, a 39-year-old illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. In an email interview with WYSK, Marcos shared his inspiration behind his Reconciliación, which, as it turns out, is deeply personal… but will surely resonate with so many people.

“I was having a moment where I had no peace with my past. I felt angry with myself, sad, forlorn. Then I came across Michael Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror’ and the metaphor was born to perfectly illustrate that point in my life.” The figure in the piece is of a woman because Marcos says he identifies with women he admires and respects. “I often put myself in their place.”

For Marcos, the illustration is symbolic and universal because as he told us, “I see many people who are not at peace with their past, and this prevents them from enjoying the present. They punish themselves, they are paralyzed, not able to move forward or even build a history with someone else, or enjoy their family.”

He concluded, “If you don’t forgive yourself, if you are not a friend to yourself, if you don’t love yourself… it is impossible to love others. Everything starts from oneself, that’s where change happens.”

Illustration credit to Marcos Severi, published here with his express permission.

More About Marcos:

Marcos Severi is an artist and illustrator who lives, works and dreams in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His work has been published in books, magazines and newspapers around the world. This year he released his first book, a children’s graphic novel, and is currently working on his second, which will be a compilation of illustrations. He is also finishing a degree in Fine Arts. When he’s not riding around on his yellow bicycle with his sketchbook in tow, he is teaching others to draw. You can see more of his work on his blog and Facebook page.