When the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade begins tomorrow morning, and everyone is waiting for their favorite blown up character to pass by, we’ll be on the look out for the Red Hot Mamas, a non-profit, all female precision drill/dance troupe, with over 50 performers ranging in age from 30-80 years old.

Founded over 20 years ago by Mikki Stevens in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, the “zany” Red Hot Mamas will wow the crowd in their wild wigs and colorful costumes while they jump split, cartwheel, cheer and dance their way down the 2.65 mile parade route.

“As we age, women especially, we kind of get treated as though we become invisible, but we are vivacious women who want to express ourselves and make people laugh,” Mikki told the New York Post in a recent interview.

There’s no doubt these ladies will be both seen and heard every step they take.

High spirited, vibrant, full of fun, and definitely: ONE-OF-A-KIND.

Mikki founded the group when she returned to Idaho after spending many years working as an actress, dancer and voice animator around the country. Looking for something to do, she decided to hold an audition to see if she could create a unique performance collective that would also serve the community. When 40 women showed up to audition, she knew she was on to something.

The group is composed of women with a “genuine zest for life, a Mama, Grandmama, Great Grandmama, OR just plain Great! The Queen Mama is currently 80 years young, with most members ranging in age from 30 to 60. These women triumph over all that life has to throw at them including illnesses and personal losses.”


The women are trained in theatrical performance skills, stage makeup, costuming, choreography, drill team, dance, sound tech, and properties management for public presentation.

This will be the second time the Red Hot Mamas will appear in the world’s largest parade. Other performances include two presidential inaugurations, numerous regional and charitable events, as well as the NCAA Fiesta Bowl. Funds raised by these performances are donated to a variety of charitable organizations.

Red Hot Mamas… “Dedicated to the exploitation of merriment and the enhancement of the ridiculous,” sounds right up our alley.