We recently told you about melanoma warrior, survivor and WYSK, Timna Understein and her Respect The Rays melanoma education and awareness movement.

As a salute to Timna and today’s Melanoma Educational Symposium being hosted by the Melanoma Research Foundation and UNC Chapel Hill, Division of Surgical Oncology, we thought it would be THE PERFECT day to get everyone we know singing about sun safety.

Our song of choice… this original Respect The Rays Cup Song (video and lyrics after the jump).

The song’s lyrics were written by Timna and her daughter Ella (10). Performing it in the video below are Ella and her friend Lexie (15), who devotes her time to promoting sun safety at her high school. We think Ella’s mad cup skills give Anna Kendrick’s from Pitch Perfect a run for their money, for sure.

Sing with us, have fun and spread the message!

Respect the Rays: A Kids’ Cup Song Lyrics

By Timna Understein and Ella Understein

I’ve got my knowledge for my sun safety.

I’m here to share it all with you.

And I sure would like some sweet company.

And I’m protecting my body, what do you say?

Respect the rays…. Respect the rays… I seek shade everyday.

I’ve got sunscreen, I’ve got shade, I’ve got hats… let’s go play.

Oh I hope that you go spread the message too.