“The things some men say to women are shocking. It is a sad truth that only by turning the tables do we hear how unbelievable they really are.” – Leah Green

Many women describe sexism as a part of ‘normal’ life. In this video, Leah Green from The Guardian goes undercover in London to see how unsuspecting men react to sexist situations often experienced by women – but this time perpetrated by a female. All scenes are based on REAL encounters shared by women with the Everyday Sexism Project, via its site and Twitter feed.

As for why she decided to pull this move, which we’ve dubbed “The Reverse Catcall,” Leah wrote in a follow-up piece that ran this morning…

“A few weeks ago I was out with my housemate in Brixton, south London, when I saw a chair I liked outside an antique shop. The fabric reminded me of something my granny had in her old house. ‘What a lovely chair,’ I said to the shop’s proprietor. ‘Thanks,’ he replied, ‘have you two ever made out with each other?’ As we hastily tried to leave, he continued: ‘Perhaps tonight you’ll start scissoring each other? Oh, come on, I’m only joking!'”

While completely embarrassed by this inappropriate exchange (and others she’s been on the receiving end of), Leah saw a silver lining… it was a perfect scenario to recreate, via hidden camera, in an attempt to see how men would react after being subjected to the very same by a woman.

Since going live on the Guardian website just three days ago, Leah’s video has garnered more than a million hits, nearly three thousand comments, and very mixed reactions. You can read her insightful response to it all here.

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