On Saturday, January 21, 2017, there are women’s marches and rallies planned in all 50 states. To inspire and mobilize in a symbolic action on behalf of the rights of women and girls, BETTY band member Alyson Palmer along with Gloria Steinem and others, have created the new initiative 1@1 that’s punctuated by a pledge to rise.

At 1:00pm Eastern Time and the exact same moment in every time zone in America, 1@1 is asking women and their allies to stand up for equality for one minute of silent solidarity.

In a statement on the 1@1 website they explain:

From Hawaii to Maine, Alaska to Florida, and every great state in between, for one shared silent minute, we rise for our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, and ourselves.

1@1 is one calm, unifying moment for all who believe in the American dream of tolerance, liberty and justice for all. It is one simple minute to help us realize how similar we all are individually, how powerful we are, connected.

Whether able to attend a rally or not, all Americans can join this unifying action on behalf of women, girls and the future of our nation.

Visit 1at1.org for more information and to “pledge to rise.”