Yesterday, Barbie announced the launch of its new career Barbie for 2018… Robotics Engineer Barbie. The new doll is designed to “pique girls’ interest in STEM and shine a light on an underrepresented career field for women.”

“With only 24 percent of STEM jobs held by women (source: Economics and Statistics Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce), the Barbie brand is not only encouraging girls to explore STEM through imaginative play with the doll, but also learn real coding skills,” Mattel says in its company press release.

To bring this mission to life, the brand has collaborated with the gaming company Tynker to create six free Barbie-inspired coding experiences for anyone to check out. The lessons are designed to teach logic, problem-solving and provide the building blocks of coding.

Robotics Engineer Barbie joins a roster of other STEM dolls the company has previously released  – astronaut, scientist, video game developer and computer engineer – some more successful than others.

In addition to a long term partnership to create more interactive content with Tynker, Mattel will also be releasing a coding e-book and providing a grant to support Black Girls CODE.

The new career doll is $13.99 and available for purchase now.

Lead image courtesy of Mattel