Since we just covered the woman who was likely the face of Rosie The Riveter on the famous “We Can Do It!” poster, we thought this was a perfect time to tell you about our new favorite summer camp for middle school girls… Rosie’s Girls, which takes its name from the symbolic World War II icon who came to represent patriotic womanhood and all the women who worked in factories to support the war effort.

Designed as a trades exploration program for girls entering 6th – 8th grades, Rosie’s Girls is a 3-week summer day camp that helps build strong, powerful, confident girls through hands-on exploration of STEM activities and the skilled trades. It’s a place where girls can get their hands dirty, be creative, take positive risks and try something new, all while having a TON of fun!

SIGN.US.UP!!!! (but since we all age out, by “us” we mean every 9-13 year old girl we know).

Rosie's Girls_auto

In an effort to let girls have the chance to explore what the world has to offer them and discover what they have to offer the world, the program offers instruction in activities that are typically consider “nontraditional” girl activities, so we’re talking science, technology, engineering and math-based fun and games, along with carpentry, welding, electrical wiring, fire fighting, bike repair, auto technician, engineering, and digital media.

It’s the all-important “if they can’t see it, they can’t be it” model being brought to life by a roster of inspiring instructors who are all women professionals in their fields.

There are also art-centric activities that let girls express their creativity through poetry, stand-up comedy, yoga, mask making, and collage making, along with physical challenges (e.g. ropes course, self defense, surfing, white water rafting) that are meant to help the girls push beyond preconceived boundaries and work as a team.

Rosies Girls_work-on-bat-houses

On top of all that great stuff, we are BIG fans of the camp’s “Girls World” activities, which encourage girls to develop their understanding of societal expectations for women and girls and to actively question these assumptions. They even have guest mentors – women who have chosen nontraditional occupations and/or educational paths – who come speak about the challenges and triumphs they’ve faced in their chosen careers. PS – WYSK Brenda Berkman and WYSK Norma “Toolbelt Diva” Vally would make killer Rosie’s Girls mentors!

Rosie's Girls_weld_saw

Rosie’s Girls summer programs, which are sponsored by the non-profit Vermont Works for Women, currently take place in Vermont, Ohio, California, New York and Rhode Island.

We say, “BRAVO!” to them for helping to build strong girls because the strong girls of today will surely grow up to be the Women You Should Know of tomorrow.

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