In February 2012, Women You Should Know profiled Samantha Brown as part of our WYSKumentary video series. We had the privilege of telling the story of this small town, girl-next-door who landed herself the “best job in the world” as host of a travel series bearing her name on the Travel Channel. Fifteen years of travel series followed that have taken Samantha to some of the most fascinating destinations across the globe and documented her incredible experiences for viewers to watch. But her latest Travel Channel gig, which Samantha just announced yesterday, will give unsuspecting folks the chance to travel with her for the spontaneous adventure of their lives.

Samantha’s new series – 50/50 – starts with “a simple yet AWESOME premise. 50 hours. 50 grand. One spontaneous adventure.” So get your passports ready because this is how it works. Samantha travels to a random town (maybe yours), and as she meets unsuspecting locals on the street with her adventurous pal Chris Grundy (pictured above), they start asking the BIG question… “Would you like an extreme getaway for 50 hours, worth $50,000 dollars? Oh, and can you leave immediately?”

Think about it… What would you do with 50 hours and 50 grand? Where would you go and how much adventure could you pack into a two-day getaway.

If the person says “yes,” it’s wheels up on an unforgettable two-day getaway worth $50,000 dollars. The best part is that the person gets to choose the destination, the activities, what he/she will eat, etc. The catch is that he or she has to drop everything and leave right then and there with the Travel Goddess herself.

Of her new series Samantha says it’s a dream come true. “For the last 15 years I’ve traveled all over the world always realizing how ridiculously lucky I am to see the things I’ve seen and meet the people I’ve met. And now I get to bring others along with me, sharing my experiences and knowledge with those who are willing to throw caution to the wind and come along.”

More information including airdates will be announced soon. You can stay tuned to Samantha’s facebook and twitter pages for updates.

And in case you missed it 3 years ago, here’s our inspiring WYSKumentary on Samantha. To know this woman is to love her, and she is absolutely THE person anyone would want to travel with.