Skull and leopard and tiki prints… oh my! Ten years ago, while on the hunt for a comforter, Sandy Glaze came up empty handed thanks to a lack of bedding options that matched her adventurous style. So in true WYSKy form, Sandy set out to create her own line of quality bedding with the edgy look she longed for… tough and bold, yet still feminine. The result was Sin in Linen, a home goods company she launched in 2004 with one design – a set of bed sheets featuring seductively whimsical, 1940’s vintage pin-up girls.

Over the last eight years, Sin in Linen has evolved to include a complete line of saucy and playful, home goods with hardcore style. The brand is known, far and wide, for its evocative designs – retro imagery, vintage tattoo art, rock and roll themes, seductive prints – that are paired with traditional, everyday textile products for bed, bath, kitchen and home.

Sin in Linen Pirate Skull DuvetBut if a skull and crossbones duvet, voodoo bones shower curtain or zebra stripe apron push the style envelope a little too far for you, there are still some really great options that are a bit more subtle in their boldness like the opulent Geisha Garden or Victorian Gothic Wallflower Damask print pieces. The idea here is to live a little… so basic beige and country florals have no place in the Sin in Linen world.

It’s really no coincidence that the brand is as unique and eclectic as the woman behind it. That’s because her multifaceted life has been a major source of inspiration for both her designs and professional growth. Born and raised in Hawaii, Sandy always had an appreciation for lush patterns and colors. At age 9, she and her mom moved to Los Angeles, where she immersed herself in the local punk rock scene of the early 80’s. From there, she headed to Arizona and spent 7 years touring with the Meat Puppets and taking classes at Arizona State University in Art and Engineering. “Bands embody a true entrepreneurial spirit and I learned a lot about digging deep in those years.” Next, her travels took her to the Northwest with Sandy finally settling as a full time resident of Seattle in 1999. The moxie and confidence she gained in these formative years, coupled with her deep love of visual arts, music, and retro design, gave Sandy the courage to pursue her dream to start Sin in Linen.

Sin in Linen Tiki ApronNow here’s the part of her story that we LOVE the most because it speaks to just how gutsy and driven she is. When Sandy first launched Sin in Linen, she was juggling the enormous responsibility of trying to get her new business off the ground, while still being fully committed to playing a sport as bold as she is… roller derby. Skating as Ann Munition for team Grave Danger, Sandy was one of the founding members of the Seattle roller derby league The Rat City Rollergirls. This experience, as wild as it may seem to some, offered Sandy a very conventional lesson. “Roller derby taught me how to get back up when you are knocked down and to come up swinging.” Words to live by in life and in business.

Since the 2004 introduction of her original pin-up girls sheets, Sandy has continued to push the boundaries of home textile design with her Sin in Linen brand, hoping to ignite passion in the homes and hearts of everyone who wants to, “Try Something New in Bed.”

Sandy Glaze is a Woman You Should Know and we think she rocks!