Ladies… did you know that you can find happiness through cream cheese, deodorant can make you brave during an emotional moment, canned croissants are the stuff of magical wishes and milk can not only tame your “ugly” hair and land you a princely hubby, it can also calm a tidal wave of PMS tears?!?! We had no idea and have to thank the very WYSKy Sarah Haskins for bestowing this wealth of info on us.

Sarah, a seasoned comedian known for her satire about gender stereotypes in the media, is currently in production on a new sitcom she co-wrote and is executive producing for ABC called Trophy Wife.

“Milk will also bring sunshine to a land devastated by your period tears.”

But from 2007 – 2010, she was a full-time writer for Current TV and a regular contributor to its weekly infoMania series where she starred in the recurring Target Women segments. In each episode of Target Women, Sarah took a look at the often-ridiculous ways the media reaches out to women about products, entertainment, and ideas.

We recently came across Sarah’s “Story Time” segment for Target Women and just HAD to share it. It’s from June 2009, but we think the theme of what it is spoofing is timeless as it still goes on in advertising today, “Inside every woman is a little girl. And inside that little girl is a littler girl. And inside THAT little girl is a princess, waiting to be rescued by a hot dude with a magical product.”

PS – What you are about to see are REAL commercials produced by major brands who target women. Using their actual advertising spots, Sarah has kindly taken the time to point out the ridiculousness of what and how they are marketing to us… HILARIOUS!