One of our favorite STEM stars, Emily Graslie of The Brain Scoop educational video blog, and Chief Curiosity Correspondent for the Field Museum in Chicago, responds to recent “fan mail”.

Many of the comments Emily has received aren’t questioning her science, but are focused on her being female. No longer able to ignore the sexist, degrading and condescending messages that have been filling her inbox, Emily has retorted using her quick and sharp wit, delivering an argument that is… well, hard to argue with.

From what we hear, it’s not the easiest path to be a woman in science, but Emily is committed to being an educator and content creator in spite of the bullies she has encountered.

“We can’t idly sit by and tolerate internet bullying in any form, because that’s what this is, internet bullying. Help us make it widely known that this kind of apathetic attitude is detrimental and unacceptable. We need to make sure we are making it possible for people of all genders to feel acknowledged for their contributions and not held back by something as arbitrary as their genetics or appearance.”

In three words… brave, brilliant and bold!

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