This is Shaylee Mansfield, a delightful, super-smart and savvy 8-year-old with some seriously amazing storytelling skills! Shaylee, who was born deaf, is a native signer and the daughter of Sheena McFeely and Manny Johnson, who are also deaf and teach American Sign Language (ASL) on their website ASLnook.

Sheena tells us that her daughter has always been in love with books. “From day one, she has been and will always be a book worm. In fact, when she cried as a baby, a book would magically wipe her tears away.”

So sit back and enjoy Shaylee’s latest… her thoroughly entertaining telling of “Elf on the Shelf” featuring some of her own ASL translations. “Better listen or else, you’ll land on Santa’s naughty list.”

Shaylee is a WYSK regular, you can check out some of her previous ASL performances here.