Meet Olena Mysnyk from Kyiv, Ukraine. She has a masters degree in architecture, and is also making quite a name for herself as a master of object design with her super cool, leggy bookmarks that give the phrase “dive into a good book” a whole new, whimsical meaning.

Using polymer clay, acrylic paint, and varnish, Olena handcrafts legs – human, animal, creature, character, and even the undead – for her metal bookmarks. So when you slip one in to hold your place, the little pair of 2″ limbs is left dangling from the pages of your favorite book. It kind of makes the adventure of reading even more fun.

Olena explains her hands-on process on her instagram page, “We sculpt, paint, cover with 3 layers of varnish and than attach the ‘legs’ to the metal part. Than we pack every bookmark into bright gift-box, filled with tissue paper. And place on our big shelf where they are waiting for their owners.”


When we first profiled Olena in May 2015, she was selling on etsy. Since, her business has boomed and she just launched her very own MyBOOKMark site where all of her awesome designs are now available.

Here are some of our favorites…