Six years ago, when Suzy Luff was just 14, she received a knitting loom as a Christmas gift from her mom. This simple, $10 plastic ring with pegs quickly turned into the gift that keeps on giving.

After browsing through her younger brother’s baby stuff, Suzy came across the little hat he’d worn. It was “flimsy and insubstantial.” The budding knitter figured she could do better. And so she did.

Suzy started to knit hats and donate them to the Children’s Hospital in Colorado Springs, CO. The hospital gave the tiny hand-made hats to preemies, who were too small for the hospital issued newborn hats, or for most store bought items.


After seeing the impact she was making in the lives of these babies and their families, Suzy committed to making and donating 1,000 hats before finishing high school. It seemed like a stretch at the time, but with the help of family, friends, and dozens of volunteers, she quickly met and exceeded that goal, and went on to establish the non-profit Hats-4-Hope.

The mission for Hats-4-Hope is “to bring a little happiness, joy, and color to a hard time in a family’s life.” Mission accomplished!

“It’s such an exceptional experience for the families and lets them know that there are community members who appreciate the challenges they’re facing and want to support them,” said Sharon Enoch, a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurse at the Children’s Hospital about Hats-4-Hope.

Today, Suzy is a sophomore at Denver University studying mathematics and Spanish. She continues to run Hats-4-Hope, which to date, has donated over 5,200 hats to the hospital’s NICU.

We always say at WYSK, “you don’t have to be moving mountains to make a difference”… Suzy and Hats-4-Hope are a perfect example of how the smallest gestures can make the greatest impact.