“Over three million Syrian refugees have fled their country due to the civil war.”

Data provided by the United Nations shows that women and children make up more than 75% of that total, with hundreds of thousands fleeing to refugee camps along Turkey’s southern border.

Working through the U.S.-Turkey relations advocacy group Turkish Heritage Organization, filmmaker Aliya Naumoff traveled to two camps near the border, where she met and talked with a number of women about their experiences. The interviews are captured in a new short film she calls “Syrian Women Find Refuge”.

In the 3-minute documentary, Aliya gives us an inside look into the women’s daily lives, as they attempt to create a sense of normalcy in what is a desperate situation. What comes shining through is an incredible sense of hope and resilience. “We are proud to appear on camera to show the world that the Syrian woman, despite all she has been through, did not and will not crumble,” says Om Baker, one of the women featured in the film.

Aliya has also created a photo gallery of Syrian Refugee Camps, which you can view here.