After struggling with her own severe menopause symptoms and doing years of research, Ellen Dolgen resolved to share what she learned from experts and her own trial and error. Her goal was to replace the confusion, embarrassment, and symptoms millions of women go through – before, during, and after menopause – with the medically sound solutions she discovered.

EllenDolgenCropIt is with this resolve that led Ellen to commission well known comedic writer and talent, Rachel Bloom along with song writer and producer, Jack Dolgen to entertain and educate the “sisterhood” on perimenopause, the effects of perimenopause on your fertility and biological clock, and prepare you for menopausal bliss. This video has had us laughing for days and is what made us want to learn more about this woman you should know!

Ellen’s passion to become a “sister” and confidant to all women fueled her first book, Shmirshky: the pursuit of hormone happiness. As a result of the overwhelming response from her burgeoning audiences and followers’ requests for empowering information they could trust, Ellen’s weekly newsletter, Menopause Mondays, was born.

In addition to her ever-growing social media presence, has fast become “the place” on the web for informative and entertaining women’s menopause and wellness engagement. For more information and entertaining insights on menopause and women’s health and wellness check we encourage you to check it out.

Laugh, learn, sing and dance!