On Christmas Eve two Austin, Texas based sisters (ages 11 and 7) created food gift packages and hand-delivered them to the homeless. Around that same time, a trio of 5-year-old girls from Keego Harbor, Michigan donated their hair to children with cancer. And next week, Anna Foerg, an 8-year-old from the Lafayette, Indiana area, will be celebrating her birthday by doing something extraordinarily selfless for people in need, as well.

When she turns nine on January 19 Anna does not want any birthday gifts… at least not the traditional kind. Instead, she has asked her family and friends to give her canned foods that she will, in turn, donate to a local food pantry.

In fact, this is something that Anna and her 6-year-old sister Emily have both done on their birthdays for the last two years.

And it was all Anna’s idea. Mallory Foerg, the girl’s mom, told the Lafayette Journal & Courier, “She’s got a mind of her own and I was very proud of her when she decided to do that.” She added, “We’re just so proud of both of them.”

They say real trends come in threes. So if these three groups of girls doing good are any indication of what the next generation of Women You Should Know will do and accomplish, the future looks magnificently bright.