“1% of the construction industry workforce (onsite) are female and that’s just shite!”

Meet Michelle Hands. She’s a 31-year-old Site Engineer, based in Leeds in the UK, who has worked in the male-dominated construction industry for the last ten years. She doesn’t claim that it’s “an easy ride,” but she does LOVE her job. So, in an effort to inspire more women to join the ranks, she’s combined her zest for work with her passion for filmmaking, and created this thoroughly entertaining pitch video filled with humor, action and… colorful stats illustrated with jellybeans.

The video was shot and edited entirely by Michelle. To see and read more of her work, check out her blog – This Is A Man’s World. It’s where she shares written and video posts about real conversations and events from her own first-hand experience onsite, which, she says, “quite frankly, you couldn’t make up.”