Women You Should Know is launching a new series this week called The ‘Hood. This regular feature will focus on one of the major and very complex aspects of being female – womanhood in relation to motherhood. While motherhood is contingent on womanhood, the reverse is just not true. So, we’re going to explore all angles of this involved topic by sharing the personal stories of real women with varied, challenging or no experience with motherhood, by choice and by circumstance.

The ‘Hood Series debuts tomorrow – Wednesday, October 12th – with Tick Tock… I Hate My Biological Clock, the story of a 39 year old woman’s road to self discovery as she confronts her latent quest for motherhood and everything – good, bad and just plain annoying – that goes along with it.

Stay tuned…

If you have your own womanhood/motherhood story that you would be willing to share with Women You Should Know for possible future inclusion in The ‘Hood Series, please let us know via the contact page.