Meet the “Super 6”… Nancy Rivas, Yenifer Espitia, Daina Espinoza, Kimberly Fernandez, Jannet Gomez and Elizabeth Perez, who just made history at Compton’s Dominguez High School by sweeping graduation honors  as the valedictorians and the salutatorians.

Best friends since middle school, the girls made a pact to all succeed, and do everything and anything to help one another to the top. In an interview with CBS News, Jannet Gomez explained, “Because we are so connected, there’s no one like competing against each other. We’re all sort of helping each other.”

With GPAs ranging from 4.3 to 4.5, these dynamic young women have set a new standard at a school that ranks among the worst in the country. Cynthia Washington, the school guidance counselor puts the achievement in perspective. “It’s historic for Dominguez, it’s historic for Compton. Yeah, you might see that, say, in a more affluent community. But it’s a rarity here.”

Ready to take on the world, all of the girls are going to college and hope to continue to serve as role models for their community.

“I want to come and help my community, counsel juveniles and try to get them an education and make them see that their lives are not over,” Nancy Rivas said.