By Rebecca Hains – Six summer beauty tips. Spoiler alert: it’s not what you think, and it’s all great…

1. How to get a bikini body: Put a bikini on your body. Your body is great!

bikini bods

2. How to get your skin ready for summer: Use sunblock. Your skin is great!


3. How to make your lashes pool-proof: Avoid mascara. Your lashes are great!


4. How to find your happy hair color: Be happy with your hair color. It’s great!


5. How to get summer-ready legs: Is it summer? Look down at your legs. They’re ready for use!


6. How to choose a summer wardrobe: Pick out some clothing you like. You’re ready for summer!

About Rebecca

Dr. Rebecca Hains is a children’s media culture expert. She is a professor of advertising and media studies at Salem State University in Salem, Mass., where she is affiliated with the Center for Childhood and Youth Studies. Her research focuses on girls and media.

Rebecca Hains_BookShe is the author of Growing Up With Girl Power: Girlhood On Screen and in Everyday Life and her new book, The Princess Problem: Guiding Our Girls Through the Princess-Obsessed Years, will be released on September 2, 2014.

Via her blog and facebook page, Rebecca offers her expert commentary on parenting children in a media-saturated world and on topics related to body image, stereotypical beauty ideals, sex role stereotypes, and gendered marketing.