Meet Aryn Fears and Savannah Patterson, two talented sixth grade students from the Milwaukee Excellence school, and the stars of Excellence First, an empowering rap and music video about the the importance of getting an education and being focused on achievement.

The rap was the brainchild of teacher Terrance Sims. To motivate his sixth grade class at the beginning of the school year, Sims wrote Excellence First as an “introductory rap to get them hooked in,” he told Good Morning America. “The ball got rolling, and they started adding lyrics. It catapulted to what it is today.”

“I ask the teacher to teach me; if it’s knowledge let me hear it.”

The video, which takes place at the charter school, features Aryn and Savannah skillfully rapping verses about the importance of an education, that it’s cool to be smart, and have a thirst for knowledge. Since first being posted on October 21, the video has amassed almost 100,000 views.

This could not be more awesome!

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