To demonstrate the absurdity of the irrelevant line of questioning that victims often endure when reporting a sexual assault, Put Your Pretty On (PYPO), a site that believes in using “disruptive, witty, and honest comedy” to deliver a new kind of conversation for women, just released a video titled “Asking For It” that features a woman in a chicken suit being interrogated by law enforcement. The sketch, created in partnership with the White House’s It’s On Us campaign, intends to challenge the disturbing attitudes of people who seem to believe that a woman is responsible for inviting a rape or sexual assault.

Their point… whether she’s wearing a tiny dress or, well, a chicken suit, “she wasn’t asking for it.”

To support the cause, PYPO, which was founded by Stephanie Laing, an award winning TV comedy producer and director (Veep, Eastbound & Down, Vice Principals and Divorce), is selling a pouch and mug with all proceeds going to the It’s On Us campaign to stop sexual assault. 

If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault or rape contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline, 800-566-4673.