In 2011, while most were going about their normal daily routine, Tiffany Cloud Olson was thinking of her husband, SSG Erik Olson, a decorated Special Operations combat veteran serving outside the wire in eastern Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush near Pakistan. Olson was not naive to battle, as prior to Afghanistan, he served two year-long tours with Special Operations in Iraq where he was awarded numerous commendations, among them, three bronze stars, including the bronze star for valor. But despite being a seasoned combat veteran, the risks for him were real, and the fears for Tiffany, palpable.

As self-imposed therapy, Tiffany began to write about her experiences as a military spouse lacking sleep, worrying daily, checking the casualty report incessantly, & coping sometimes well (often horribly) while her husband was at war. Her writing evolved into a book – Sleeping with Dog Tags.

The story tracks the emotional roller coaster of a military spouse’s year at home while her husband is deployed in Afghanistan. Central to Tiffany’s narrative is the conviction that while war is hell for the soldiers, it is also hell for family members manning the home front, and there are few supports for those left behind. But the book is also a love story. A story about two people meeting later in life after divorces and discovering they are soul mates – despite their very different backgrounds.

Sleeping With Dog TagsSleeping With Dog Tags was just released in mid-September and has already been a huge hit on, making both the Best Sellers List and taking the #3 slot of the Top 10 Hot New Releases for books in the military and spies biographies category.

As Tiffany explains, “I believe my book is likely resonating because it speaks of war from the perspective of the spouse manning the home front, left to wait, wonder and worry… a perspective that is seldom told. I believed it important to do so and, in sharing my story, accomplish two things: First, help other military spouses feel less alone as they read about how I coped during deployment (sometimes well, often horribly) and second, help Americans at large understand the sacrifices made by military families all over this great nation – for military families amaze me every day by their strength and resolve.”

WYSK is happy to share that Tiffany’s husband, Erik, returned from his Afghanistan tour earlier this year, recipient of The Purple Heart. He is currently recovering from injuries at a military base near Washington D.C. where he is in The Wounded Warrior Program.

We love that Tiffany is donating a portion of proceeds of her book sales to the Rolling Angels for Armed Forces, a motorcycle group that supports military and their families in multiple ways. She certainly is a Woman You Should Know.

Sleeping with Dog Tags is available now on, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, NOOK.