When a generic greeting card just won’t do the trick, check out designer Heather Abbott’s FINCH+HARE collection, which cleverly combines snarky with sweet messages that are sure to get a second look, or a stink eye.

Using bold typography and folding techniques, the cards present offensive messages such as You are Awful, Santa Hates You, Your life is over, Quitter, etc., which when opened, reveal a much kinder sentiment.

Heather, a mom of two from Portland, Oregon started making the cards, because she “loves mailing stuff, but there’s only so much I can mail myself.” She remembers a time when checking mail was exciting. “That time is long gone, but I like keeping that excitement alive a little. I imagine the cards bring a little thrill to mailboxes all over the world.”

The FINCH+HARE collection includes: holiday, birthday, graduation, retirement, congratulations and get well cards. Here are some of our favorites:





santa hates you