Rack & Ruin, the latest binge-worthy show to hit the web, made its streaming debut last Wednesday, and is already getting rave reviews. The 5 mini-sode, female-driven comedy series centers on Saffron, a masochistic, people-pleasing Brit, desperate for a job and a new life, who lands a position at an absurdly toxic, high-end clothing boutique in NYC. Things unravel hilariously from there.

The show puts women in the driver’s seat when it comes to comedy; it’s created & written by Angela Dee, directed by Zetna Fuentes (“Pretty Little Liars”), and stars an all female ensemble cast including Markie Post (“Night Court”, “There’s Something About Mary”).

It’s Dee’s effort to show the ugly business of being beautiful by making viewers laugh and cringe at the ridiculousness of the high-end fashion world and everyone in it.

Mission accomplished Ms. Dee because this is what people are saying:

“It’s a total cringe-worthy, can’t-stop-watching-it webisode fest. (Seriously, devour all the episodes back to back!)”

“Saffron has a direct line to my female angst on high fashion and style, and Markie Post’s manic Betsy (Saffron’s boss) reminds me why I went into business for myself!”

“I love this show! #funny #fashion”

“I can’t wait for more episodes… There’s going to be more right?!”

“Laughed out loud. Characters are so real it’s scary.”

“So hilarious! It made me thankful I changed careers.”

“Fabulous cast of women.”

“Is this really what it’s like to work in retail?!”

“A hilarious diatribe on the grim realities of retail.”

“Charmed by episode 1…and the quite sudden appearance of Markie Post! The idea of fashion as comedy was just waiting for its vehicle…thanks Angela Dee!”

“Having worked in high-end retail this show is scarily on point! Cringe-worthy and hilarious. Oh boy, I do NOT miss that world one bit.”

Don’t miss out on the roller coast ride. Watch all 5 Rack & Ruin episodes here right now.