Calling all imaginative brick builders who have a taste for the macabre and get a thrill from ghastly ghouls. This September, just in time for Halloween, LEGO is releasing its newest line of Collectible Minifigures. They are monster themed and include some seriously spooktacular ladies who would frighten the bedazzled pants right off of any one of the LEGO Friends if this kind of evil were ever to lurk in Heartlake City. Now that’s a creative story line!

Meet the motley crew of creatures that will soon “crawl in search of blood to terrorize y’awl’s neighborhood…” (yep, we threw in a gratuitous Thriller reference).

Zombie Cheerleader


This perky member of the undead is a star student at Zombie University, who single-handedly came up with the cheer squad’s best new cheers that are focused on… you guessed it… brains!

Tiger Woman


At the famous Monster Circus, where the cats tame the people, she happens to be the world’s greatest Minifigure tamer. She was was once a regular ol’ Minifigure, until an ancient artifact transformed her into a mystical half-feline creature. Hear her ROAR!

Spider Lady


This vampiress has a love of all things arachnid, including her collection of pet spiders. Her favorite is this large red specimen that she calls Baron von Skitters.

The Wacky Witch


She strives to be the perfect storybook witch, complete with her sidekick black cat, but “she just can’t seem to get the hang of riding a broomstick – she gets airsick pretty easily, and it’s left her looking permanently green.”



She is quite literally the bearer of bad news and misfortune. But she does it so well, with all of the woeful weeping and wailing that you might expect from an ancient spirit of ill omen.

Joining this LEGO Minifigures Fright Fest are:


from left to right:

  • Wolf Guy, a lumber chopper turned hairy, drooling werewolf
  • Zombie Businessman, an extremely dedicated worker, who works the all-night shift
  • Zombie Pirate, a several-hundred-year-old sea dog come back from the dead
  • Spooky Spectre, a ghost who really enjoys all his ghostly duties, like loudly rattling his chain
  • Skeleton Guy, a walking, talking skeleton who is “in costume” year round
  • Square Foot, a rare and reclusive creature that dwells deep within the woods, who also happens to be an avid amateur nature photographer
  • Fly Monster, a regular housefly that’s been mutated into a half-fly, half-creature
  • Gargoyle, he’s hard-headed and stubborn, and about as light and graceful as a rock
  • Monster Rocker, the ultimate rock ‘n roll monster!
  • Plant Monster, a horticultural horror with arms, legs, spiky vines, and one huge appetite

h/t The Brothers Brick