While exploring recipes for the recent holidays, we came across this super wacky spaghetti and meatball carrot cake! Intrigued by the mash-up, we dug a little deeper to find out about the creator behind it.

Spaghetti_cakeOur research took us to the blog, How To Cook That, by Ann Reardon. Not only is this blog really cool, but Ann is pretty cool as well, and definitely a woman you should know.

A qualified food scientist and dietitian, Ann loves to cook ridiculously unhealthy desserts, and you can find hundreds of them on her site. Along with recipes for cakes, chocolates and other confections, Ann has over 100 how-to instructional videos for everything sweet you can think of.

After working many years as community and public health dietician, Ann left her job, had children and took on the role as youth pastor at her local church. In her new role, Ann hosted countless dinners and meetings, giving her plenty of opportunities to bake and cook for large groups. After being asked, “Can you teach me how to cook that?” more times than she can count, Ann decided to start the How To Cook That blog.

Ann’s story is a pretty exceptional one, and she tells it in her very unique way…

Here’s how to make the spaghetti and meatball cake.