On January 21, 2018, 10-year-old, Flint, Michigan native, Mari Copeny, the activist known as Little Miss Flint, Tweeted the following, “One year ago I was in DC at the Women’s March as the youngest national youth ambassador, I was determined to show the world that kids can have a voice and to use that voice to bring awareness to Flint. This year I’m bummed I’m not at the national event in Vegas. I requested to speak at the Michigan Women’s March but sadly they didn’t have any room for me to speak.”

Today, we have the great privilege to amplify the voice and message of this inspiring young justice seeker, role model, and ‘Future Madame President 2044’ who is on a mission to change the world. This is Mari’s full speech…

My name is Mari Copeny, I’m ten years old, the world has come to know me as Little Miss Flint. I am the youngest national Women’s March youth ambassador.

One year ago millions of women took to the streets around the world to send a clear message, we are here, we will be heard and we will not back down. I was in that crowd in Washington DC, in the heart of it, marching next to my other youth ambassadors, the co-chairs, celebrities, activist and hundreds of little girls, teens and adults. It was a moment that is hard to put words too, you had to have been there to understand the amount of girl power that was buzzing in the air.

This past year has been full of ups and downs, victories and let downs. Regardless every act of hate has been met with an even bigger force of love. The resistance is strong and growing stronger every single day as people finally reach their breaking point. We are in a time where women voices are being heard and many of them that marched last year are stepping up to run for office, helping to pave the way for me to run for president in a few year.

Here in Michigan we are at a critical point, we have Flint still in desperate need of a huge infrastructure overhaul, we still have no idea what the long term effects of the water crisis are on the kids here in Flint, these same kids are at risk of losing healthcare if we dont get CHIP funded. Our schools need upgrades we need roads fixed, we need jobs, we need change. We need leaders that have a heart and care about everyone and the not just the interest of big business and the top 10%. We need to protect dreamers, we need to protect kids in the most vulnerable areas, we need love and for people to care about their communities.

The Women’s March wasn’t just a huge one day event, it was the start of a marathon, a kick off to a movement, the rise of generation that WILL change the world. So today, for dreamers, for Flint, for people all around the world we continue to march and we will march directly to the polls…march on friends. #PowerToThePolls

Mari Copeny

Mari’s speech is republished on Women You Should Know with the express permission of Mari’s mom, Loui Brezzell. All photos courtesy of Loui Brezzell.