Earlier this fall we shared an awesome Hulk Princess Cake made by a mom for her twin girls. The cake was amazing and by far, one of the coolest we had ever seen… that was until this Chewbacca-Barbie cake came on the scene.

When Reddit user Jamie’s 3-year-old daughter Sophie requested a Star Wars themed birthday party, she enlisted the help of a friend to make this out-of-this-world, creative confection.


In her post, Jamie explains:

My daughter wanted a Star Wars party, so I bought this Chewbacca doll hoping that I could find a bakery that would turn him into a Barbie cake. Because he was a full size doll and not a kit, I was turned down several times.

My amazing friend, Megan, came to the rescue and offered to make Chewy a beautiful cake dress. She nailed it! My daughter was thrilled and it was a huge hit at the party.

We absolutely love the cake, but can we talk about that adorable dress we are coveting!? According to Jamie, her talented mother-in-law made it for little Sophie. Lucky girl!


Happy Birthday Sophie, may the force stay with you!