Despite advancements made by women over the past few decades in the workplace and leadership roles, it is still difficult for women to get ahead and not just get by. Disparities are not only found on the national level, but they also exist within states.

For example, where women on average make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes nationally, the pay gap in Vermont, is closer to 85 cents on every dollar.

This map, created by the Center for American Progress, examines both the progress made and the challenges still facing women across the country, state by state.

Three categories have been identified as being critical to women’s overall well-being: economics, leadership, and health. Each state was graded on 36 different factors related to these three categories. A national ranking was given based on the overall grades across all categories and factors.

Are you getting a fair shot at achieving economic security, reaching success, and living a healthy life? Check out where your state falls on the list.

Overall Rank

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A full explanation of the methodology is available here.