Yesterday, an all-female panel made up of industry powerhouses behind some of this year’s top pro-women ad campaigns gathered in New York for an AdWeek discussion. They came to talk about what women want more of from brands, and concluded the following, “Marketing campaigns that empower women and girls rather than perpetuating stereotypes are proving to be hits with consumers and highly effective at generating sales.”

With all due respect to the esteemed panel, this should not be earth shattering news to anyone. It’s certainly not to us, and we don’t even have access to actual sales figures to back up what we already know to be true. For those who read WYSK regularly, you know we are constantly preaching about the value in marketing to women’s brains and not our insecurities.

Dove sales jumped from $2.5 billion to $4 billion since the launch of of its Campaign for Real Beauty – AdWeek

The panel even went so far as to give this pro-women ads = sales phenomenon a name… Fem-vertising, which they call a “movement,” defined as, “advertising that employs pro-female talent, messages and imagery to empower women and girls.”

It’s sad that we need a declared “movement” to motivate advertisers to empower women and girls through their images and messages, rather than defaulting to negative stereotypes and preying on our insecurities. But we’re happy to see that the findings of this panel may just make more brands move their marketing in the right direction.

Meet The Panel: