We recently came across this fantastic photo of a group of women Stormtroopers who moved in on the recent Long Beach Comic Con.

The cosplayers are donning the new FEM7 stormtrooper armor kit from KW Designs, which is built specifically for women. Corps member Amanda Ward, who also happens to be the Administrator for Making Star Wars, a blog for Star Wars enthusiasts, shared her experience with us.

While Amanda’s job made us think that dressing up in Star Wars gear was just another day at work, we were surprised to learn that she’s not the “cosplaying type.”

“I usually hate walking around cons and I cannot stand being uncomfortable in my clothes. I honestly never got into it because I was scared of the attention,” Amanda told WYSK. “Deciding to participate in this debut was a combination of timing and inspiration. When my friend Sal Perales told me about this new kit and promised to help me, I knew I had to take the opportunity and not let my fears hold me back.”


Amanda teamed up with a dozen other women, some of whom are professional cosplayers, but most are members or friends of the 501st Legion charity cosplay group. We asked Amanda if the experience was as empowering as it looked.

“Walking around in the armor with our group was absolutely the most fun I’ve had at a convention,” Amanda said. “It felt like we could take anything on, and at the same time I could tell that other con goers were having a great time with us. We talked to lots of cool fans and kids and took tons of fun pictures! We absolutely felt empowered!”


So what’s next for this new cosplayer? Amanda and her Stormtrooper Corps will be wearing the armor at WonderCon in Los Angeles in March. If you are lucky enough to go, be on the lookout for a dozen or so badass women taking the con by storm.