Straight/Curve, a documentary film that explores society’s unrealistic beauty standards and their damaging effects on women and girls, is now available for download. Additionally, in an effort to encourage conversations among viewers about body image, representation and diversity, the team behind the film has created a free house party screening kit.

The kit contains activities and discussion questions about media literacy, social media responsibility, health, body shaming and stigma, all developed to fundamentally change the way we think about our bodies. The guide also gives examples of how viewers can positively influence change.

“We have to start talking about diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry and media. Consumers have to demand to see themselves represented and the industry will be forced to listen,” Jenny McQuaile, the film’s director, told WYSK.

Jenny along with her producers Yael Melamede and Jessica Lewis, have received support for their film from several industry heavy hitters including, Lane Bryant, Aerie, National Eating Disorder Association, CFDA, Fashion Institute of Technology, and the Harvard School of Public Health, among others.

“Straight/Curve is creating the imagery we want to see more of in the media,” Jenny said. “We want to show every woman can be beautiful in many sizes, races and ages. If you’ve ever wished there was media out there that made you feel better about yourself instead of worse. There is now.”

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