NeSpoon, an artist from Poland, channels her passion for street art, pottery and jewelry into these incredible works of art that she’s been leaving behind in her hometown of Warsaw. Using stencils, spray paint, embroidery and other techniques, the intricate patterns of lace she creates fit right into the city’s unique landscape.

Entranced by her work, WYSK connected with NeSpoon to learn more about what inspired the designs and her penchant for lace.

I work somewhere in between street art, pottery and jewelery. I use products of an old and somehow forgotten craft, lace-making. I try to make positive art and to invoke positive emotions. Sometimes in my work I comment on social and political issues that I consider to be important.

Why lace? Because in every lace we can find a universal aesthetic code, which is deeply embedded in every culture. In every lace we find symmetry, some kind of order and harmony. Is it not that which we’re looking instinctively for?

Why street art? Because it gives freedom.

NeSpoon’s work can bee seen around the globe, you can view more of her installations and art here.









All photos © NeSpoon and published here with permission