As we know, street harassment is a reality women have to deal with everyday, around the world.

In support of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (November 25), Natalia Málaga, a former volleyball player who now coaches the Peruvian national women’s team, partnered with the organization Paremos el acoso callejero (Let’s stop street harassment) and Everlast to create the video “Sílbale a tu madre” (Whistling at your mom) – and it’s really good!

The team enlisted the help of mothers, whose sons are known to behave disrespectfully towards women on the street. The moms were given make-overs and sent down the street to see how their sons treat them. The results… well, it’s priceless!

“Women must speak up for ourselves and demand respect,” says Natalia. “The mere fact of walking on the street is a reason for being harassed. But what happens in this video will teach these men a lesson. They got what they deserved.”

H/T Scott Bryant