Meet Jenipher Lyn, a vivacious and bubbly illustrator who specializes in whimsical, punny illustrations blended with happy, hopeful words of wisdom. Inspired by her own life-is-not-all-sunshine-and-butterflies experiences, this Woman You Should Know wrote and illustrated an encouraging book for teen girls, the book she wishes she had when she was younger.

In 2010, while going through a particularly rough patch in life, Jenipher started drawing one supportive/confidence boosting doodle every night as a means to get through the day. In order to keep herself accountable to the mission, she began posting her “Nightly Doodles” online. To her surprise and delight, the reaction was overwhelming. Jenipher said, “People started telling me how much my doodles were helping them and I had my first purpose in life. It was amazing!”

JenipherLyn_bookcoverHer book How being Stubborn, Depressed, and Unpopular SAVED my life. is an extension of Jenipher’s “Nightly Doodles,” and draws on her very personal and less than pleasant experiences as a young-adult (e.g. she was made fun of because she didn’t date in high school… classmates thought she was “weird”).

Now in her 30s, Jenipher says, “I’ve finally seen the other side of the dark, rainy filled tunnel. Drawing encouraging doodles has helped me get through SO many things.” Harnessing the power of that same doodle magic for every page of her book, Jenipher set out with purpose-filled determination to try to spare other young women from feeling and going through the same things she has.

The book tells Jenipher’s own story, which is punctuated by pain, tears and her ultimate happiness. It’s packed with things she wishes people had told her. Jenipher’s intent is to help teens and tweens (and even grown women) get through their own stuff, and feel less alone in the world, especially on those dark, lowest of low days that she knows all too well. It tackles topics like depression, battling and overcoming eating disorders, and ambition with honesty, encouragement, and vibrancy.

Of the March 2014 release of How being Stubborn, Depressed, and Unpopular SAVED my life., Jenipher said, “This is my doodle dream!” As for her positivity fueled quest to uplift girls and women, we say, “Thank you for being oh so WYSKy!”

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