Twenty-two year old Coryn Catanzaro is a student pursuing her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts at New Mexico State University. Concerned (like so many of us) by the growing war against women’s reproductive rights in the United States, for her recent final sculpture project she created a work that reflects on what it was like for some women before Roe v. Wade declared the right to a safe and legal abortion.

“If Congress completely takes away our current safe legal option it will get dangerous,” Coryn tells WYSK. “I know I can’t change the mind of people who are against abortion, but with my sculpture, I wanted to create an opportunity for dialog around the subject.”

Coryn’s project, which she calls Then What is my Option?, was inspired by a Chicago surgeon, who in 1908 put together a medical journal full of cases of injuries and fatalities that occurred when women could not seek an abortion by a doctor. Coryn took the same approach with her project, and researched the more recent dangerous methods that many women resorted to before Roe v Wade was passed, and even more recently. The perfectly sculpted hands hold the barbaric “tools” that have been recorded as being used to induce an abortion. The photos are startling, but that’s Coryn’s intention. She wants people to know what’s at stake should abortion be made illegal again. “Let’s not allow congress to make this a reality for women in the United States again.”

The reaction Coryn received showing the work and posting the images on her Facebook page has been expectedly mixed, but overall positive. “I never thought I’d get such a public response. It has been good to create an intelligent discussion and open some eyes to how dangerous making abortion illegal can be,” Coryn shared. “Most of what came out of my post was people sharing their point of views. I find that when discussion topics are very controversial, the best thing to take away is to learn about why the opposing view point thinks that way. It is interesting to listen and read respectfully.”

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The health and well-being of our country’s people and their access to affordable health care, should be of paramount concern to EVERYONE and should not be reduced to an ego-fueled partisan issue. This is a critical human issue, and despite yesterday’s GOP “victory”, this fight is not over. Each of us can do our part to protest the American Health Care Act bill before it goes to a vote at the U.S. Senate. So call, write and/or text your Senator. Make your voice be heard. Senate Directory here.