With her brace off, Kristy felt like she needed to figure things out on her own, get strong without people doing everything for her, and reclaim the independence she once cherished. She also wanted to surround herself with other people who were facing similar challenges. So Kristy made the fearless decision to pack up her bags and head to Abadiania, Brazil on a personal quest for healing.

Kristy at Casa Dom Inacio in Brazil

Kristy at Casa Dom Inacio in Brazil

And there she stayed for five years, where she says she witnessed things nothing short of miracles on a daily basis. “I was blessed to meet amazing people from all over the world, including some of the best doctors from Harvard Medical, and had everything I needed, while living life in a very simple way and focusing on my healing.” But all along she knew she wanted to eventually return home to rebuild her life and start her own business.

In 2006, with the strength, confidence and hope she gained from her time at Casa de Dom Inacio, Kristy returned to West Palm Beach, and her world changed dramatically in the most profoundly positive ways.

Kristy and SteveShe rekindled an old love, bought a house, and became an instant mother to her partner Steve’s two daughters, which she says, “is the most rewarding role I’ve played to date.”

But, as time went on, the stay-at-home-mom kept feeling that entrepreneurial itch she was so desperate to scratch.

Kristy told us, “I always wanted to patent an idea and take it thru all the stages of product development. I studied business at Northwood University, so I had all the tools I needed to do this.” But what product area should she focus on? What problem needed solving? Those answers came fairly easy to Kristy from simply looking at her own life.

As a woman who wraps a lot of presents all year long, she knew this was a relatively universal activity that could be made easier and faster. Kristy says, “I knew I wanted to address the issue of wrapping odd shaped presents, but I also wanted something that would work just as well with standard sized boxes. I think wrapping paper has gotten very expensive, so it was important to design something super inexpensive that also looked great. Then there was the convenience factor. I wanted to be able to wrap a gift in seconds without finding tape, having to measure and cut with scissors.”

After almost three years of brainstorming, lots of trial and error, and surmounting both design and manufacturing fails, all while working through challenging patent and legal processes, Kristy’s WrapBags were born.

Here’s how they work…

It’s a decorative bag that a gift item or gift box slips right into. They’re offered in multiple sizes with different patterns and come with self sealing stickers. There is also a clear pocket on the outside of each bag that holds a greeting card. GENIUS!

You can see Kristy’s WrapBags in action in this video short starring Steve.

Kristy learned about Walmart’s “Get On The Shelf” contest from her dad and thought it was a great opportunity to launch her product and finally get it to market. So she entered and quickly rose to the very top of the entrant pool, based solely on the number of public votes her WrapBags received, which drive the contest results.

Now Kristy, President and CEO of her newly formed Gift Innovations, Inc., just needs people to keep voting so she can keep advancing and score the GRAND PRIZE… the opportunity to sell her WrapBags at both Walmart.com and in stores with the mega-brand’s invaluable marketing support.

If you love this product as much as we do and are inspired by Kristy’s story, please visit her Walmart “Get On The Shelf” page here and cast your vote for her WrapBags.

Let’s help this WYSK win!

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