As an entertainer and YouTube megastar with over 10,000,000 followers, Lilly Singh is no stranger to negative comments, but the “nice, positive unicorn” in her typically chooses to ignore them… 99.9% of the time. So when a guy recently posted, “woman aren’t funny. shouldn’t u be in the kitching making me a sandwich,” his comment (complete with spelling errors) fell into that 0.1% when Lilly feels compelled to respond… like only she can. With searing sarcasm, Lilly filmed this “helpful” tutorial video “so sexist people everywhere can learn to make their own sandwiches.”

What else you should know about this Superwoman

Lilly Singh – aka Superwoman – is a Toronto based entertainer who has acclaimed worldwide fame through her YouTube videos. She is a sassy South Asian female that makes you laugh, makes you think and most importantly, makes you feel good. Complete with her backwards snapback, graphic t-shirts and witty punch lines, Lilly does everything from creating videos to stand-up comedy, motivational speaking, rapping, event hosting and acting. She truly believes in One Love and that “everyone can be their own superhero.”

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