We get so excited when we see kids helping kids and this new video/PSA by TRUCE, a teen group promoting cyber kindness, is exceptionally cool.

TRUCE: Tolerance, Respect, Understanding, Compassion and Empathy, was started in 2010 after two teen suicides in the group’s San Francisco Bay area community occurred, and where online bullying reportedly played a factor.

The mission of the group is to diminish the unhealthy climate of cyber-bullying and to encourage cyber kindness to those who send or receive negative text messages, IM’s and social media postings… simply to say “truce”.

The video was awarded 1st Place PSA in the 2013 No Bull Teen Video Awards. The team of teenagers behind the brilliant concept and execution includes 16-year old Ali Fullerton who wrote and performs the original song, executive producer, Hayley Grimshaw, director, Sahar Afrakhan, crew members Chris Grimshaw and Ross Hubbard and adult advisor, Sandra Grimshaw.

Please watch, learn and share, share, share!