Back in October 2014, we introduced you to Daniela a.k.a. Dany (on guitar), Paulina a.k.a. Pau (on drums), and Alejandra a.k.a. Ale (on bass guitar), a trio of talented sisters from Monterrey, México who make-up the all-girl band The Warning.

In this video, uploaded in December 2013 when the girls were just 13, 11, and 9 years old, they perform a killer cover of Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” the only Top 40 single for the 80s hair band led by glam frontman Dee Snider. It’s a glimpse of the kind of rock-itude these girls were born with.

According to the band’s Facebook page, their road to rock stardom began back in 2005, while Daniela, then 5, and Paulina, then 3, were attending a summer camp. They fell in love with music and theater, and started attending classes regularly. About a year later, Dany and Pau enrolled in piano lessons, and spent all of their time listening to everything from children’s songs and lullabies to straight up rock and roll.

The Warning

The Warning circa 2014

Fast forward to 2007, when the most popular video game in the world was ROCK BAND. This had a huge influence on which instruments the girls would start playing next – Dany gravitated to the guitar and Pau to drums. Young Alejandra soon followed in her big sisters’ musical footsteps, starting with piano lessons at age 5, and eventually setting her sights on the bass guitar because “she really loved the sound it made.”

The three siblings initially started playing together for fun, and never really intended to form an official band, but the internet had other plans for them, once the girls started videotaping their rehearsals and uploading them to YouTube. It was their cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” that catapulted Dany, Pau and Ale to internet-fame and firmly put The Warning on the rock scene.

Over the last few years, The Warning has gone from covering hits from major bands, to writing and performing their own songs with hard rock and metal being the genres of music they love playing most. In January 2015, the sisters recorded their first EP with songs written and performed by them.

Rock on girls!

The Warning

The Warning circa 2017