Born with the rare condition Arthrogryposis, Alana Ciena Tillman doesn’t have use of her arms and hands, but that has never stopped her from doing what she loves most… making art.

Alana’s passion for painting and drawing developed when she was a young girl. Having gone through multiple surgeries for her condition, she was left spending a lot of time at home and found painting and drawing as an escape.

“I’m not afraid of the word no. So many people are held back by what the word ‘no’ might mean. I just tend to ignore that.”

Using her mouth to manipulate the paintbrush and feet to mix the paints, Alana’s works, which include portraits, landscapes, murals, animals and still life, are incredibly beautiful, show great skill and refinement.

“I have always loved painting and realized my artistic abilities were a gift that I should refine and share with others. Living in Northern California has inspired me as an artist. With our dynamic landscape, ocean, vineyards, lakes and mountains: it is truly something to behold. I’ve used the environment and colors from nature as the inspiration for my artwork.”

Alana is a member of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of America, an organization that supports artists who paint with their mouths and feet due to birth defects or life-changing accidents by providing materials and training at no cost. She attributes much of her success to support she has received from the organization.

And while Alana appreciates the intrigue and attention for her unique style of painting, she rather people focus on the work. “Some people may say painting with my mouth is a remarkable talent, however I want to be known for the quality of my artwork rather than how I created it.”

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