Women have been mobilizing to get the tampon tax removed, back in December we shared a petition to U.S. State Legislators to stop taxing our periods, which has been gaining significant traction. In fact, at the time of the petition, there were 40 states imposing sales tax on feminine hygiene. Today, there are now 11 states and two major cities taking on the Tampon Tax, with another 29 states to go.

Earlier this month, the Chicago City Council voted to stop its tax on all feminine products and reclassify them as medical necessities. And in New York City, a new bill was introduced that will give girls in public schools access to free tampons, as well as provide menstrual products to women in city jails and in homeless shelters.

Inspired by this new bill, the first lady of New York City Chirlane McCray, who is a longtime poet, expressed her delight in a poem she calls “Tampons for All.” The stanzas of the poem were delivered through a series of tweets she sent out last week. Here it is in it’s glorious entirety…

Tampons For All

Consider the tampon:
So essential, so taboo.
For decades we’ve been silent
Because they make some men go “Ew!”

But finally we are talking:
We say is “Enough is enough.”
Menstruation is part of life,
If you can’t handle it, then tough.

Our latest big win
– And this really is cool –
Is brining free tampons
To twenty-five schools.

It started with Council Member
Julissa Ferreras-Copeland.
She saw we needed more supply
To match all the demand.

This is one small step for NYC
And one giant leap for womankind.
When it comes to menstruation
We all deserve peace of mind.

To read the petition in its entirety, share it with your friends, and let state legislatures that profit from your period know that you won’t stand for it, click here.