Ileana Jiménez, most notably known as “Feminist Teacher,” has created a course that teaches high school students about feminism. Passionate about creating inclusive schools, Ileana believes in transforming education for gender, racial, and economic justice. Now that’s a lesson plan!

The feminism class titled, “Fierce and Fabulous: Feminist Writers, Artists, and Activists,” is a three-month-long, discussion-based class open to junior and senior year students at the Elizabeth Erwin High School in New York City.

“What people don’t understand about feminism is that it’s not an attack on men,” explains one of Jiménez’s students on what the class has taught him. “It’s a fight for fairness and equality, which is something that everyone should have.”

In this INSIGHTS piece by Elite Daily, we get a peek into her classroom to listen to what these 16 and 17 year olds have to say about their personal oppressions, catcalling and how their generation is going to fight for feminism.

There is a glimmer of hope for the future of feminism after all. TIME magazine, are you listening?

To connect with Ileana Jiménez and learn more about her curriculum visit Feminist Teacher.