3D printing is all the rage. The new technology has inspired a variety of projects including NASA footing the bill to develop a prototype 3D food printer, so that one day Astronaut Abby can enjoy 3D printed pizza while hanging out on Mars. Medical researchers are also using it to print human body parts from living tissue, creating prosthetic ears. There’s clearly no limit to the possibilities. But, since it’s unlikely we’ll be invited to the pizza party on Mars, we’ll have to stick with the more mainstream consumer products that are available to us earthlings.

One of our favorite applications of the new technology comes from Cubify, a leading provider of 3D content-to-print solutions and the Finish industrial designer Janne Kyttanena, who have created a line of 3D printed, high heel shoes.

It’s simple… download the free digital files online, select your size, and print them in the color of your choice –  in approximately six or seven hours time, you will have a brand new pair of shoes. This certainly puts a new spin on “ready-to-wear”.

And it’s a good thing the files are free, because the printer needed to make the shoes at home is $2,499! But, don’t despair, you can order them directly from the Cubify Marketplace for just $29.

Although the styles seem to be more Crocs meet Lady Gaga, we’ll hold out hope that with time, materials and designs will evolve… maybe Manolo Blahnik will come up with a stiletto style?

Currently, Cubify offers these four styles:

3D high heel classic shoes2

“This Classic style has been developed to enable everyone to become an artist.”

3D macedonia shoes

“The Macedonia design is based on the Macedonia tray at the Museum Of Modern Art in New York.”

Leaf shoe

“The Leaf shoe, shown in the CubeX printer, is designed with strength.”

Facet shoe

Facet can fit into any part of your life.”

In addition to shoes, Janne Kyttanena also has a selection of other accessories and home items including jewelry, candle holders and some really cool iPhone covers, which you can check out here.